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Trust in the global expertise in the field of hygiene

CARE AND SAFE Europe products are unique in their effectiveness and cause no side effects on humans, animals, or the environment. Our products decontaminate 99,9% of protozoa and single-cell organisms to create a better living environment.

… what can we do?

1 . CARE AND SAFE Europe products were developed to neutralize germs, fungi, viruses, and smells and work sustainably on dry grounds. 2 . All CARE AND SAFE Europe products are impressively compatible with diverse materials, odorless and do not require fragrances to mask them. 3 . They do not irritate skin, eyes, or mucous membranes and, importantly, are not poisonous when ingested.


We offer services and products, that rid the environment of harmful micro-organisms and smells, to businesses, industries, as well as the private sector. Our goal is to offer an ideal climate for the food production industry, gastronomy sector, and production companies and a healthy living space for private life. It is important for us, that health does not become a luxury! Everyone should be able to afford a hygienic and thus safer environment for themselves and their family. Businesses producing products for the general public should also be offered affordable hygiene, so that they can and with knowledge and best conscience supply the public with the necessary products – because who would want to offer risky goods – no one! We offer our products and service throughout Europe and train the staff of our European partners, so they can offer and deliver the same services of Care & Safe Europe, just as we would. Supervising and further training is just as important as the clean and conscious production of products required to provide services. 100% quality and competence are what characterize Care & Safe Europe and its partners, you can take our word for that.

… what does the future have in store?

1 . WH-Concept k.s is expanding with Care & Safe throughout Europe, in cooperation with expert partners in many European destinations, well on its way to becoming THE hygiene partner of the European Union. 2 . “Industrial Products” and “PersonalCARE” products, which are already in use in many countries outside the EU, will soon be introduced to the European market
Health should not be a luxury
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