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Let us, as a business, introduce you to our unique active complex in Europe, to keep your personal surroundings hygienic and livable. Throughout Europe, a variety of hygiene products are marketed under the name “Care and Safe Europe”. We offer consumers products for decontamination, prevention, maintanence, and disinfection. The most successful sectors are hospitals, hotels, personal hygiene, veterinary field, and industrial applications, as well as the private environment and agriculture. The unique active complex sets standards for disinfection. “Care and Safe Europe” products are used and sold in Europe exclusively for the decontamination of surfaces and rooms, in order to Europeans access to a hygienic and clean living space. The headquarters of our business are in Bratislava, SK, where the hygiene, room, and surface products are produced. Our services and products are also carried out and distributed by licensed partners in the EU and Switzerland. These partners are subject to strict guidelines and rules and are regularly instructed by our training department on the handling of Care and Safe products. For this purpose, there are certifications that present the qualifications of the partners. You can thus rest assured, that partners only offer and carry out the services that they are capable of. We regularly monitor our partner businesses’ performance, in order to guarantee our standards of hygiene throughout Europe.

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WH-Concept k.s. headquarters Slovakia, Destination WH-Concept k.s., production site and international sales. T: +421/911/631 981Technická 7, 82104 Bratislava Slovakia m: office@careandsafe.eu
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