Hygiene Certificate

Hygiene Certificate

The Care & Safe Hygiene certificate was developed for food companies, in

order to allow companies to conduct their business in a sustainable and

hygienic way.

This certificate is ideal for the gastronomy sector, food production, food storage

warehouses and wineries.

To begin, the as-is state is determined. A concept is then drawn up, which

usually begins with a decontamination of the company, in order to set a starting

point from which to depart.

Ongoing monitoring determines when the decontamination of surfaces and/or

indoor air is necessary. A maintenance concept is then drawn up to keep

operations permanently hygienic. Finally, the company is certified with the


The CARE AND SAFE Hygiene Certificate… … represents a voluntary hygiene obligation according to the Care & Safe Europe guidelines for the use of the exclusive active ingredient complexes. The measures required to certify businesses are included in an as-is state assessment procedure beforehand. These are developed through intense cooperation with the company, whereby the focus lies on the building material, the processed products, the employee structure, and the end product.  This hygiene certificate documents the implementation of the latest activities with a date of execution, which represents the hygiene measures. This certificate also includes a catalog of measures, which notes the activities to be carried out and the time intervals in which they must take place. It is important, that these certifications can only result from close cooperation with the business, the hygiene representative, the staff members, and the management. A hygienic product and a healthy business can be threatened by the failure of an individual to comply with the hygiene concept.