We would like to introduce you to the various areas of application of our products and methods. Together with our Europewide partners, we help create and sustain healthy environments, ranging from private mold problems to the decontamination of food processing facilities.

Private sector

In the private sector, aside from the classic mold problems arising from water damage or condensation, it is commonly necessary to also decontaminate odors and bacteria. Mold usually develops on condensate surfaces, created through thermal bridges bad ventilation or heating, or water damage. Odors are most generated through pets or the aforementioned mold and damp masonry. The Care and Safe System “RGW” (red, green and white) acts against this. Thanks to adjusted measures, we can guarantee that no mold will reappear for up to five years, depending on the application

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems

in buildings

The ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings are similar to those in cars – they also collect spores and bacteria and transport them through air ducts into work and living spaces. Whether the ventilation or air-conditioning system is centralized or decentralized, the burden is much larger in such systems than in cars, due to their size. Care & Safe “orange” was developed for this reason. It sustainably removes 99,9% of bacteria (include multi-resistant hospital germs) and spores. The film of Care & Safe “orange” along the inside of the system functions like a large-surface filter, creating long- lasting pure air in every connected room.

Commercial Enterprises

It is extremely important, especially in commercial enterprises, such as the production of

ice, meat, or vegetables, to pay attention to hygiene. When products are processes, that

may in part be delivered to consumers in a raw state, hygiene should be the priority of

every food production facility.

Next to the problem of introduced bacteria and external mold, these producers also have

to deal with facility-specific hygiene issues. The businesses usually control their

atmospheres with ventilation and/or air-condition systems, which must of course also be

decontaminated. Additionally, business expansions may lad to problems with the

building, whereby construction can result in humidity problems.

All our products can be effective in this case, and the hygiene concept here should

therefore be expanded or developed. This will then be validated by the Care and Safe

hygiene certificate.


Gastronomies are similar to commercial businesses, except that they usually

concern themselves with smaller scaled task areas. Nonetheless, the Care and

Safe hygiene certificate must be combined with the canteen kitchen hygiene

HACCP and expanded to cover the building-specific problems.

The HACCP hygiene is usually limited to commercial and personal procedures,

disregarding the surrounding environment.

Care and Safe helps businesses with surface treatment, room fogging, and the

decontamination of cold storages. Guest areas are also included, as they are often

breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, or odors.

Hospital hygiene

In the hospital sector, contact and droplet infection is a great hazard for patients and

visitors. Here, too, the ventilation systems transport and disperse germs.

Disinfectors, hospital staff, and cleaning staff carry out the daily infections. Visitors can

also disinfect their hands using disinfection gel before and after their visits. So far so


The problem herein are the notorious multi-resistant hospital pathogens, the greatest

enemy of humankind when it comes to infections. These pathogens are resistant to

the conventionally used disinfectants used by hospitals.

Care and Safe disinfection neutralises multiresistant hospital pathogens,

without endangering humans, as it is not irritant to eyes or mucous membranes.

Infrared heating systems

The determinant of optimal residential heating is the selection of the right heating

systems. The “Care and Safe Infrared systems” offer significant advantages for room

heating, as the infrared heat waves reach every crevice and therefore reduce the

condensation build-up on building surfaces.

The infrared heat waves warm up surfaces, not the air like conventional heating

systems. Through this, the surfaces are ridded of condensate and the risk of mold on the

surfaces is thereby minimized.

Next to the Kera-Fit Blade and the Kera-Fit deluxe, the Thermodynamic Eco 7+ plays a

significant role in the infrared heating segment. The TD Eco 7+ is the first IR-heating

system in the world with controlled surface temperature. This means, that these IR-

systems reduce the electricity use as compared to current IR-systems by 35%. This also

saves valuable resources and heating costs.

Wall sanitation systems

Time and again, the restoration of damp and saline masonry has posed great

challenges to architects and construction companies.

Using our high-performance systems, we have created an innovative sanitation

concept for safe and permanent waterproofing of damp and saline masonry. The

function, suitability, and application safety of the sanitation method have been

comprehensively confirmed by countless successes in practice. According to the

new European norm, our system has the DIN EN 998-1 for plaster mortars with

the CE-marking.

This system serves as a permanent plasterwork on damp, often saline masonry

and is therefore ideal for the sanitation of humid basements, vaults, and historical

structures and materials. The treatment results in a dry surface and prevents

efflorescence and plaster splintering.